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Janice K Justice  -  Executive Director
Serving youth and families in Sebastian, Crawford, Logan, Polk, Montgomery, Scott and Franklin Counties in Western Arkansas since 1977.
If you are struggling for answers to help you get your family through the teen years,  the Active Parenting of Teens classes may be just what you need.  The only charge for these classes is $10.00 to purchase Dr. Michael H. Popkins' book, Active Parenting of Teens.  You may call 479-785-4031 to find out more about the classes, or just show up for one of the classes listed on the schedule on this page.
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In order for teens and pre-teens to become successful adults, they need the support and assistance of their parents.  Active Parenting of Teens is a program for parents struggling to be that support for their children.

The program encourages parents to learn and use the skills they need to resolve family conflicts and reduce discipline problems.  Parents will learn ways to promote confidence and self-esteem in their youth, and to face those turbulent teenage years with positive results.
Frances Morreale has many years of experience teaching Dr. Michael H. Popkins' Active Parenting of Teens curriculum.  She has taught the class to countless numbers of parents since 1994, and provides the classes in Sebastian, Crawford, Logan, Scott and Polk Counties.  Frances possesses the ability to truly connect with participants, allowing her to accomplish the goal of instilling in them the skills needed to effectively parent their children during those often turbulent teen years.