Comprehensive Juvenile Services Mentoring Program

Comprehensive Juvenile Services Mission Statement:

To Promote Family Reunification

To Reduce Family Conflict

To Prevent Juvenile Delinquency

To Prevent Youth’s Entry or Further Advancement into the Juvenile Justice System


Purpose: To build a trusting relationship with a juvenile that will offer guidance, support and encouragement to aid juveniles that are either at risk of entering the juvenile justice system or are first time non serious offenders.


Volunteer – Be a Mentor and Change Lives


Requirements of Mentors:


v     Must be 21 years of age or older. Exceptions may be granted to 18 to 20 years of age, based on experience, education and maturity.    In these instances, the mentees shall be 10 to 12 years of age.

v     Be an active listener.

v     Recognize and accept the diversity of others.

v     Demonstrate the ability to interact with youth between the ages of 10 & 18.

v     Enjoy interacting with an array of personalities without being judgmental.

v     Seek out appropriate counsel when necessary.

v     Have a good sense of humor and a great deal of patience.

v     Not under the supervision of any correctional or probationary program.

v     Must pass an Arkansas State Police/FBI Criminal Records Check.

v     Must pass an Arkansas Child & Adult Maltreatment Central Registry Check.





v     Attend training/meetings as provided by CJS.

v     Be a role model and resource for mentee.

v     Assist mentees in developing problem-solving skills, pro-social behavior, and appropriate coping skills.

v     Encourage mentee to become involved in school and community based activities.

v     Have contact with mentee for at least 2 hours weekly.

v     Communicate with Mentoring Coordinator Cicely Blaine on a weekly basis.

Contact: Phone; 479-785-4031, Fax 479-785-5354; E-mail

v     Complete mentee contact logs for each contact.